5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Buy a Rad Mini Bike

So you’re thinking about buying a Rad Bike. I was too and really glad I did. I want to share with you why I decided to buy a Rad Mini, even considering there were other bikes out there that were cheaper.

Before I bought my Rad Mini, I wasn’t a bike rider. In fact, I didn’t even own a bike. I knew how to ride one, but it wasn’t a hobby I really got into until I discovered electric bikes. I saw the foldable mini electric fat tire bikes online and thought they were so cool. I had to get one!

I didn’t plan on doing long bike rides with the Mini (so I thought). I mostly wanted the bike to cruise around in, take on the trails, and maybe do some errands with. Having fun on the bike was the main appeal.

During the time I was doing a lot of research, I kept seeing Rad over and over again, so I dug deeper to see if the Rad Mini was really worth the price.

Here were my top reasons why I decided to go with a Rad Mini:

1. Space Savings

For a lot of people, being able to fold the bike and stick it in their car is a huge reason for getting the Mini. I know it was for me, as I didn’t like the idea of having to install a bike rack in my car.

The thing with bike racks is, I would need to install a special one since ebikes are much heavier. These racks for electric bikes can cost a few hundred dollars. Being able to store my Rad Mini in the trunk or even the back seat made things a lot easier.

I also live in a small apartment. While it’s not exactly light, I’m able to carry the mini inside and keep it inside a tote folded up. The tote is nice so mini has a nice place to sit and doesn’t unfold accidentally. The front wheel and battery also come off to save you even more space.

2. More Power, Torque, and Range

Compared to other folding ebikes, the Rad Mini ranks highest when it comes to power. The Mini isn’t a dinky little folding bike. It’s rugged and packs a lot of power. The smaller 20″ wheels combined with its 750W motor means it has a lot of torque for the hills, more so than full size electric bikes.

Having a 750W motor on an ebike is pretty decent. Most foldable electric bikes on the market typically range from 250W to 500W motors, so having a 750W is really good. For comparison, a 500W motor probably won’t get you up hills by itself, but a 750W motor can. You’ll be experiencing significantly more power with your Rad Mini compare to the other bikes.

And even better, the Rad Mini comes with the same batteries other Rad Bikes use. These are top of the line 48V, 14 Ah battereis made from Lithium NMC Samsung 35E cells rated for 800 cycles. check out the full Rad Mini 4 Specs

With the large battery capacity, the Mini has a range of of 45+ miles. Comparing this to similar bikes like Ecotric 20″ Fat Tire Bike, their max range is 23 miles per charge.

3. On and Off-Road Capability

The great thing about the Rad Mini is that it’s designed for the roads and the trails. There are other fat electric bikes out there, but the mini offers a good balance between on and off-road riding.

For starters, the tires on the Rad Mini are 3.3″ Kenda K-Rad multi-terrain tires. Most fat tires are typically 3.5″-5″, so having a little bit of a skinnier tire makes it better suited for the road than regular fat tires without compromising too much. And not only that, the tires are puncture-proof, so you have more confidence when riding through accidental debris.

And what makes the Rad Mini stand out from the cheaper foldable ebikes is that it actually has front suspension. Many cheaper bikes don’t come with suspension forks.

4. Best Price Value

Many riders call the Rad a good entry-level bike for the price and quality. For the superior motor, battery, and being fully loaded with a suspension fork, mudguards, front and rear lights, and advanced display, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

Not only that, if you are military, a responder, student, medical personnel, teacher, or a student, you can save $200 off your ride.

Also, they have free shipping and a signature is required upon delivery to make sure your bike is safe.

5. Confidence and Customer Support

If you’re looking to save money, there are some decent looking foldable electric fat tire bikes out there. I actually did consider getting these models, but I still decided to go with Rad specifically.

The reason I stuck with Rad was while they were a little bit pricier, I felt confident in what I was buying. These other bikes didn’t seem as good quality and didn’t have the reputation that Rad has. Rad is known for its quality bikes and customer support. The company has won several awards and their bikes have been voted “Best Urban Bike”, “Best Electric Bike”, and “Best Trike” by Bike Today. Rad has also started way back in 2007, so they have a lot of experience behind them. This to me showed a commitment to the product and the community.

When you’re buying Rad, you’re not just buying the bike. You’re buying the confidence, support, and community that comes along with it. There are lots of forums and Facebook groups with tens of thousands of members willing to help you out and share ideas and experiences. Being able to share my experiences with other people who understood what I was talking about is an important factor for me. If I have a question or need help, I know there was a community online ready to help. I even joined the Rad Facebook Group to help clear up some questions before I even bought one.

What I didn’t want to do is buy something only to regret it later. I wanted to purchase a bike that offered support in case I needed help. As the saying goes, “Buy cheap, buy twice”.