Juiced Bike Error Codes (Full Codes)

Getting error codes on your Juiced Bike is not something you want to see. Sometimes an error code could mean a loose wire, or other times a sensor could be damaged. Use the error code chart below to find out what the error on your LCD display means.

Common Juiced Bike Errors

Below are the most common errors on Juiced Bikes:

eRROR 4:

Error 4 indicated an “Open Throttle Fault”. This means that there is something preventing the throttle from returning to the closed position at startup. If you get this error, you should check to see that there’s nothing interfering with the throttle.

There are a few things that can cause an Error 4:

  1. The LCD is twisted and activates the throttle with its case.
  2. The thumb throttle is too close to the handle or LCD and is being compressed.
  3. The throttle is experiencing a problem caused by factors such as moisture or a faulty cable.
  4. There is an issue with the 4-1 cable.

Error 8 or Error 9

If you’re lucky, error codes 8 and 9 can be simple fixes. Specifically, it means “Hall of Phase Cable Fault”. Sometimes this means that the motor could is disconnected. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the motor cable.

Error 30

Error 30 on your Juiced Bike means a communication error between the controller and display. You may also experience all the assist lights flashing on the display and the bike may even shut down.

This is often (almost always) caused by the 1-4 cable becoming lose or damaged. You can try disconnecting and reconnecting them to make sure you have a secure connection. While the cable is disconnected, inspect the cable for any debris, moisture or corrosion. You can even use compressed air to clean the connection if needed.

Error Code List

Below is a list of all the Juiced eBike error codes. If you are unable to resolve an issue, contact Juiced Bikes for support.

Error CodeErrorNotes
4Open Throttle FaultThrottle has not returned to the start position on start up. Check to see if the throttle can return to the position or if there is something blocking the throttle unit
5Throttle FaultThrottle may be damaged. Check the throttle cable for damage.
6Low Voltage ProtectionThe battery is too low to operate. Incorrect battery was used on the bike. The Batter is in sleep more or not functioning correctly.
7Over Voltage ProtectionThe battery voltage is too high to operate. Incorrect battery was used on the bike. Check to be sure that the correct battery is being used on the bike.
8Motor Hall Sensor FaultAt least one of the motor's hall sensor wires has been disconnected or damaged. Disconnect and reconnect the motor cable.
9Motor Phase Line FaultAt least one of the motor's phase wire has been disconnected or damaged.
10High Temperature FaultThe controller has reached the highest allowable temperature . All the controller to cool down before using the e-bike again.
11Temperature Sensor FaultThe controller's temperature sensor has become disconnected or damaged. Contact tech support.
12Current Sensor FaultThe controller's current sensor has become disconnected or damaged. Contact tech support.
21Speed Sensor FaultThe speed sensor has become disconnected or damaged. Contact tech support.
30Communication FaultPoor connection between the controller and the display. Check all cable connection. Check for corrosion damage.