Fenders for RadRover (And Aftermarket)

It only takes riding through a single puddle on your Rad bike to realize you need fenders. That perfectly brown strip down your back is all it takes to start adding fenders to your RadRover.

This article will cover:

  • Why you should get fenders
  • If short or full fenders are best
  • RadRover aftermarket fender options
  • DIY fender options

Do You Need Fenders?

Fenders, sometimes called “mudguards”, prevent water, mud, rocks, and other debris from kicking up.

If you plan on riding in wet conditions, you probably want fenders. If you live areas where rain is uncommon, you could probably get away without them.

Why are fenders so important? Well, for two reasons:

  1. Keep the rider clean and dry
  2. Protect your bicycle

The first reason is probably the most obvious. You don’t want all the water and mud kicking up when riding through puddles.

The second reason is less obvious, which is protecting your bicycle. While bikes can ride in the rain, water and debris that is kicked up from your bike are much more dangerous.

Without fenders, mud, rocks, and debris are thrown against your controller, chain, breaks, and gears. Over time, this wear and tear can damage and corrode your bike parts much faster.

Full or Short?

Most of the time, riders prefer full-length fenders for added protection. If you aren’t riding in too wet conditions, you might be able to get away with short fenders.

Here’s what some riders had to say:

Full fenders on the Rover. I much prefer the look of partial fenders, but frankly, they’re useless. Without the full fenders you’ll have water/mud in your face, on your back and on your controller.

I have the shorties. I live in Washington only during the summer and Yuma in the winter. I’d switch to the full rad OEM if I lived where I had to ride in the rain on occasions. The shorties are only adequate and don’t protect the controller on my Rover.

Short fenders are cute but they don’t serve the purpose that fenders were meant for .You will get wet .

RadRover Aftermarket Fenders

As much as you love your Rad Rover bike, you might not like the Rad fenders. Those factory fenders might not be exactly what you are looking for.

Maybe you don’t like the plastic or are just looking to save a few bucks.

For whatever reason, you’re looking for other options. So what other aftermarket fenders for the RadRover are there?

Before we give you a list of options, keep in mind these suggestions came from other Rad bike owners. Make sure you always do your due diligence and make sure you get the right fenders for your bike.

MRI-Denver Rover Full Metal Fender Kit

These guys at MRI-Denver are your best bet for Radrover aftermarket accessories, including full fender kits. These Rover All Metal Full Fender Kit isn’t just compatible with the Rad Rover, but it was made specifically for it. They also have lots of other parts too for Rad bikes.

Check out the Rover All Metal Full Fender Kit at MRI-Denver.

Volt Bike and Emojobike Fenders

We’ve been told that Volt Bike and Emojobike fenders are the same. And while these fenders can fit the Rover, they require some tweaking first.

One of the biggest differences between the Emojo bike fenders and the Rad fenders is that the Emojo fenders are made out of steel, not plastic. Having plastic fenders was a problem for some riders as they could get warped in the hot sun. Still, the steel fenders can still be bent or dented.

The Emojo fenders are in matte black, which compliments the Rad bikes quite nicely.

As for fit, they are a tiny bit narrower than the tire, by 1/4″ inch. This is still decent protection, but if you are looking to get really dirty, something with more coverage might be better suited.

When it comes to installation, a lot of adjustments may be needed. One owner said it took about 4 hours to install the fenders, which included removing both wheels, drilling, and bending. They also had to purchase some brackets (find them on Amazon) to get everything fitted properly.

While the installation did require a lot of work, the fenders are significantly cheaper than the Rad fenders.

You can find these fenders on the EMOJO Wildcat fender product page.

Mucky Nutz Face Fender

Want something simple, lightweight, and minimalist? The Mucky Nutz fender will keep all the muck off you. While the face fender is the most popular, they also have a butt fender to keep your backside clean. The face fender also comes in a variety of colors to match your Rad bike.

Farway Fenders

If you want something that’s half decent and costs even less, consider Farway Fenders. While they are fairly decent for the price, some riders like to try them out before finding a more expensive pair.

Other Solutions

After talking to some Rad Bike Owners, we’ve come up with a few solutions for fenders.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Go to a motorcycle/ motocross  dealer

This one I wouldn’t have thought of, but it might be worth a try. A motorcycle dealer might already have fenders in stock that fit your Rad. I would definitely call around before popping in to make sure you aren’t wasting your time.

DIY Solutions

Another option for getting your Rad bike fitted with fenders is to make them yourself. I’ve even seen fenders made out of milk jugs! This is probably a bit tacky for most rides though.

A more elegant solution is to make the fenders out of an industrial sized PVC pipe or an industrial sized bucket. After the pipe is cut, you can use a heat gun to shape the fender as you see fit.